How does this work?

We are the competent mediator that will connect you with potential and interested customers, which want to take over your existing lease.

To allow you to get out of an existing lease agreement in most cases a call to the lessor, respectively the Bank, is required. With the message that you want to transfer the lease to a new person.

To be able to get out as quickly as possible from a leasing contract, our recommendation is to present the leasing in the most attractive way possible. For example low pre-payment or no pre-payment, maybe also offer an incentive / bonus. For example, if a lease lasts for 15 more months you should create an incentive by lowering the lease payments. Instead of Fr. 480.- offer Fr. 450.- / month instead. The resulting difference (15 * 30.-) thus corresponds to a discount.

Customize this procedure to make your offer more attractive and to increase the chances that your car will be taken quickly. So come on and join us and by doing so you can hopefully step out of your car soon! to give your car and your lease contract over to someone else. We have over 100 000 visitors that are looking for attractive offers every month. We are unique in our own way because other platforms sell cars but we are the only company that mediates or terminates lease agreements.


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